Pitch Perfect 2: We’re Back Pitches

Aloha movie fans around the world! Next up for me was Pitch Perfect 2. I actually enjoyed the original, but sadly, the sequel didn’t live up to the hype for me.



Starring:  The girls from the first movie, the Acapella announcers, and the treble makers.

Plot:  College life is coming to an end and the Bellas have ruled the Acapella collegiate scene since winning in the first movie.  But they seem to have lost their sound and embarrass their school and the entire singing world with their performance for The United States President. Now they’ve got to get their swag back, so they set out to win the World Acapella Championships.

Why was this movie a waste of my time and money?

  1. The Bella’s song choices were horrible until the last performance.
  2. The German group’s performance just got on my nerves every time they opened their mouths.
  3. I was ready to leave thirty-five minutes into the movie.
  4. See #3.

Well folks, I hope it gets better this summer. Until next time…



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