San Andreas

What up movie fans around the world! That’s right, I am back with what I think is the new #1 movie in the world.  If it’s not then it should have been! Next up, San Andreas!



Starring: Dwayne  Johnson, Mother Nature, and tons of buildings falling down.

Plot:  The Captain of a rescue team is out to save his wife and daughter from the biggest earthquake to ever hit California.

Why did I love this movie?

  1. The action in this movie is off the chain.
  2. The lil boy named Ollie is too funny.
  3. Blake the daughter is not a silly lil girl like the daughter in Taken.
  4. Karma is a &itch, when all you do is think of yourself, Mother Nature will come aee you.
  5. What would you do in a sunami?

Well, that is all I have for you this week.  Until next time…



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