Blackpearl Movie Review: Run All Night

Aloha Movie fans around the world!

The hottest review column on the Net is back, which means something worth my money (at least I thought so) was at a theater near me finally.


Starring: Liam Neeson, Common, Ed Harris and a bunch of people used to get shot and get their butts kicked.

Plot: A hit man who has pushed away everyone in his life and is trying to drink away the ghosts of those he has killed finds his bosses son about to kill his son and chooses a side. Now, he has one night to clear the issue up with his boss or take out everyone who is trying to kill him and his son.

Why did I enjoy this movie?
1. It shows that a killer can never truly get rid of the faces of those he has murdered.
2. The Love you have for your kids never goes away, no matter what you have done.
3. A true Hitman will take out his own family if ordered.
4. All those who need to be dealt with will be.
5. Common takes no prisoners when he is contracted to take a person out.

Well that is all I have for you this week, so until Furious 7 hits a theater near me…



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