Blackpearl Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending

Aloha Movie Fans Around the World!

Yes, I am back! Coming out of a short retirement at the request of you, the fans. Before I get started with my review, I must say thank you to my wife for designing my Movie Review/Poetry Blog Site. So, let’s get on with the first post.


Starring: Mila Kunis (Ashton), Channing Tatum, and a bunch of other actors/actresses that neither of us know.

Plot:  Life on Earth does not come from where you think and the Universe is worth more than money. In this movie, the power of the Universe is life. The more lives you harness, the more Power you will have. A woman on earth is the reborn matriarch of the most powerful family in the Universe and the heir to Earth, but someone wants her Dead.

Why am I not jumping for joy over this movie?

  1. I paid Friday Night money to see it, not a good idea.
  2. Channing Tatum’s fight scenes are is the only good parts in this movie. It’s two hours I will never get back!
  3. The movie had some great action scenes, but the damsel in distress just gets on your nerves in this one.
  4. It’s an Action/Sci-Fi movie that they want to be a drama. It seems that the Director had no idea exactly how he wanted this movie made and we suffered for it. This movie is not worth your time or effort, if you have not seen it go see Wedding Ringer or Black or White.

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